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On the outbreak of the battle of 1812, America’s customers appeared dismal. It used to be transparent that the first battlefield could be the open ocean—but America’s battle fleet, purely twenty ships robust, confronted a practiced British military of greater than 1000 men-of-war. nonetheless, via a mix of nautical deftness and sheer bravado, the yank army controlled to take the struggle to the British and switch the tide of the struggle: at the nice Lakes, within the Atlantic, or even within the japanese Pacific.
In 1812: The Navy’s War, prizewinning historian George C. Daughan tells the exciting tale of the way a handful of heroic captains and their stalwart crews overcame fantastic odds to steer the rustic to victory opposed to the world’s maximum imperial strength. a beautiful contribution to army and nationwide historical past, 1812: The Navy’s War is the 1st entire account in additional than a century of the way the U.S. military rescued the fledgling state and secured America’s destiny.

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