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Serous glands secrete a watery fluid containing proteins. c. Mixed glands contain both mucus and serous secretory units. In a Nutshell . Merocrine-involves exocytosis; most common form of secretion . , lipid products of mammary gland . , sebaceous gland 54 ifiB[ical 4. Mechanism of secretion a. Merocrine secretion involves exocytosis. The membrane of the secretory granule fuses with the plasma membrane to release the contents of the granule. b. Apocrine secretion is the mechanism by which both the secretory product and a portion of the apical secretory cell cytoplasm are pinched off and released.

4. Flagella are longer than cilia but have the same microstructure; a prominent example in the sperm, where the single flagellum provides motility. is B. Lateral surface specializations l. Zonula occludens (tight junction) occurs on the lateral cell surfaces just beneath the api- Note cal poles. a. Formed by the interactions of specific integral membrane proteins of apposed cell membranes, these junctions serve as permeability seals of the paracellular compartment. b. Each contact point represents a tiny ridge that, together with other ridges, form an anastomosing network that interlocks tightly across the intercellular gap.

Esophageal hernia is a protrusion of the stomach into the thorax and its subsequent constriction by the diaphragm. It is probably caused by a shorter length of the esophagus than normal. B. Mobile cecum and colon caused by to incomplete fusion of the ascending mesocolon with the peritoneum of the posterior abdominal wall. , volvulus) and obstruction of the ascending colon may result. It is treated by fixation of the ascending colon to the posterior abdominal wall. iiiBfical ,7 Pharyngeal Arches and Their Derivatives The pharyngeal (branchial) arches contribute to the formation of the lower head and neck.

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