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The first domain that is created in Windows 2000 Server-based network is called the forest root domain. When other domains are created on the network, they added to the root domain to form the tree structure or the forest structure, depending on the domain name requirements. A tree is a hierarchical arrangement of Windows 2000 domains that share a contiguous namespace. In such an arrangement the root domain name is attached as a suffix to the new domain names. The new domain is called a child domain of an existing parent domain and has a two-way, transitive trust A Two-Way, Transitive Trust relationship relationship with its parent domain.

4 Resolving Names Name resolution is the process of resolving names to IP addresses. Thus, when you connect to the 21certify Web site, with the name, , DNS resolves to its associated IP address. The mapping of names to IP addresses is stored in the DNS distributed database. The DNS Service uses a client/server model for name resolution, and can perform forward lookup queries and reverse lookup queries. • A forward lookup query resolves a user-friendly domain name to an IP address. • A reverse lookup query resolves an IP address to a user-friendly domain name.

The Registry; . • Component Services Class Registration database; . • System startup files; . • Certificate Services database; . • Active Directory directory services; and . • The Sysvol folder. To back up the system state data on a local computer, do one of the following: . • In the Backup wizard, on the What To Back Up page, click Only Back Up The System State Dat . A. • In the Backup wizard, on the Items To Back Up page, expand My Computer, and then select the check box to the left of System State.

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