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By Bryan W. Mattimore

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Providing more than a few advice, strategies and stories to aid enterprise humans faucet hidden artistic strengths, this e-book permits readers to creatively resolve a variety of office matters by means of explaining the best way to: comprehend the artistic technique; detect their very own artistic talents; use the inventive recommendations of such geniuses as Walt Disney, Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci; practice inventive suggestions to office concerns; and facilitate artistic or "brainstorming" periods.

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By having the courage (and trust) to allow the "talking part of themselves" (as contrasted, say, with that more silent part we know as our thoughts) to offer up ideas, they were all able to discover things they "didn't know they knew," things that, Page 22 in theory, must have been inside them all along, but which, had they not been said, might very well never have been heard. If you've ever brainstormed a business problem with a co-worker and found yourself somehow coming up with a truly amazing idea that literally just popped out of your mouth, then you know about this power of creative verbalizing, or "eureka talking," as I like to think of it.

Printing number 1098 Page iii Contents IntroductionviiAcknowledgmentsxi Section One: Creative Thinking About Creative Thinking 1 1. Idea Hooks®: Discovering How to Discover32. The Creative Subconscious: The Value of "Fuzzy Thinking" 73. Of Creative Robots, Computers, and Idea Labs 12 4. Your Creative Symbol: A Compass, Building Blocks, or Sacks of Grain? 175. "Eureka" Talking: Giving Voice to Inspiration216. Creative Dreaming: Finding a "Dream" Solution 25 Section Two: Exercising Your Creativity 31 7.

Then, in stage three, after an indefinite period of time, a new complete idea suddenly presents itself to the conscious, and a eureka occurs. What goes on when the mysterious hidden mental activity of the subconscious begins operating? And as important, how do the subconscious and conscious minds (through the preconscious mind) communicate with each other in the process of creative inspiration? Gordon and Poze designed an ingenious experiment (much like the objects-as-birds) to test the interactions of these parts of the mind.

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