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By Klinger R.

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The Black Death and Court Astrology For many centuries, the study of their medical knowledge. Both medicine was inextricably linked with amateur and professional doctors often the study of astrology. Indeed as late as remained with the sick, rather than the 18th century, it was still impossible attempting to flee the contagion. to qualify as a doctor unless one had MEDICAL ASTROLOGY passed an examination in astrology, The various theories and the use of planetary of medical astrology positions in diagnosis had by this time been and treatment was thoroughly explored.

Instance, if the It should be noted that now and in Moon was in Scorpio, later times of plague, astrologers did it would be madness brave service to the public by using THE MIDDLE AGES to bleed the loins (Scorpio’s body area). Otherwise, bleeding was easier when the Moon was full, but took forever if she was new (something recognized, incidentally, in 21stcentury blood transfusion). 732–804), who became a friend and advisor of Emperor Charlemagne. The Church in England was particularly interested in the subject, and many churches had fine zodiacs—the Abbey of Croyland, for instance, had one with Jupiter represented in gold, Mars in iron, the Sun in lattern (a yellow metal similar to brass), and Mercury in amber.

Previously unknown before becoming works by Aristotle. associated with the The Church did not curtail the court of Geoffrey Plantagenet, where spread of astrological knowledge: he tutored the future King Henry II after all, many leading churchmen of England—was one of the earliest were convinced that the stars and scholars to differentiate between planets had been placed in the sky astrology and astronomy. Astrologers, he said, treated celestial phenomena by God for a reason, and were as eager as anyone else to theorize about that as they appeared to be, whether reason.

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