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As that is though still basically a negative, but also the imputing to us of the righteousness of Christ. T~at mea~s a perfect righteousness. not~lOg lacking, all complete: His purity, HIs obedience, His integrity, His humility, His loveall this and more, making up His righteousness. It is all ours by virtue of Jesus Christ. When God looks at us, He beholds us clothed in the righteousness of His Son, and each of us is complete in Him. " The answer from heaven by God the Father is that all is covered by His Son; hence, I am righteous in Him.

Before rebirth, people, like sinful Adam, are shut out from fellowship with their Maker, so that strive as they may, there is no way back into the presence of God. Now all has changed, for regeneration is to be born of God, to be a child of God, and thereby to live in His presence. As John writes, "Our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ" (l John 1:3). This is the meaning of being "alive to God in Christ Jesus": new life in the presence of God. To be alive to God is a fulfillment of the deepest need of human nature.

Before proceeding further, we do well to observe that the righteousness imputed to us in justification is more than an alien righteousness. Surely God justifies the ungodly and the unrighteous by not imputing to us our sins but imputing to us the righteousness of Christ, so that we are declared righteous. Yet it is also a quite important fact that by the death of Christ we are constituted as righteous. In a real sense, righteousness does not simply cover J3The Greek word is hilasterion. 18. 34Hilasterion is usually translated "mercy seat" in Hebrews 9:5.

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