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In ACID, you edit ACID project files, not loops or media files. When you are done with your project (which is made up of loops and media files), it can be saved to another format that can be burned to a CD or published on the Internet. This is called rendering and is the process of creating an actual song. Actually, since ACID is also a video scoring tool, the final render might even create a new movie file. Media Files and Loops Files are the most basic unit a typical computer user works with.

Careful track panning can also add space to a song, making it seem bigger in a room (although you don’t want it to sound like you have a piano that is fifty feet wide either). All in all, panning can be a subtle yet important way to improve a song. 30). 30 Click the Multipurpose Fader mode button to change to a Pan slider. Fading Events You can fade in or out from individual events by using the fade envelopes found on either side of any event. Sometimes referred to as ASR (Attack Sustain Release) envelopes, this is the easiest way to smoothly fade continuous events.

In the Chopper window, click the insert button. 18 that the selection area in the Chopper window is also highlighted on the main timeline, representing the location of the event to be inserted. 18 The selected area in the Chopper window is inserted into the timeline at the timeline cursor’s position. Zooming Zooming is a fundamental skill that is easy to master. The purpose of zooming in is to work with the timing of your project in more detail. At extreme levels, zooming allows you to make micro-second changes in event placement and trimming.

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