Aeroguide 22 - General Dynamics F-111 E/ F by Roger Chesneau PDF

By Roger Chesneau

ISBN-10: 0946958270

ISBN-13: 9780946958276

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Alternatively, there are at least two mechanisms for the same biological effect. Intriguing data from Sawant et al. [S7] indicated that, as the number of alpha particles through a fixed (10%) number of cells increases, more bystander-induced cell killing occurs (figure IX). These observations suggested that increasing induced damage in 10% of the cells in the culture produced more cell-to-cell gap junction communication and/or increased secretion of cytotoxic substances into the culture environment.

17 Gy, depending upon the nuclear cross-sections of a given cell type and assuming an average LET of 90 keV/µm [R1]. 59. The precision of intracellular irradiation and the high throughput available at the microbeam facility at Columbia University have also enabled studies of oncogenic transformation to be carried out. Sawant et al. [S6] utilized sparsely populated monolayers of mouse C3H 10T½ cells and irradiated the nucleus of every cell, or every tenth cell at random, with either two or four alpha particles.

Relationship between Radiation-Induced Genomic Instability and Bystander Effects 79. The evidence for effects occurring in cells that themselves were not irradiated but are the progeny of irradiated cells (radiation-induced genomic instability), and non­targeted cellular effects usually associated with direct exposure to ionizing radiation occurring in non-irradiated cells (bystander effects), has been reviewed in the previous paragraphs. Many of the end points associated with these two phenomena are the same: induced chromosomal rearrangements, micronuclei, increased mutation, increased transformation and cell killing.

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