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By Stephen Hinds

ISBN-10: 0521576776

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It is a e-book approximately how the poets of Classical Rome discovered creative notion within the phrases and issues in their poetic predecessors. It combines conventional Classical ways to poetic allusion and imitation with glossy literary-theoretical methods of considering how texts are used and reused, valued and revalued, specifically interpreting groups. Like different volumes within the sequence it's one of the so much widely conceived brief books on Roman literature to be released in recent times.

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5. 44. 6. " 7. 3 (p. 75. 8. p. 50–88. 9. p. 350–352 Giet. 10. CSEL 32/1, 120–121. 11. p. 2 Hagedorn. 12. See Bouché-Leclercq, 386ff. (on Ptolemy’s method for determining the horoscope) and 591. 13. Bouché-Leclercq, 390, 590–591. (It was expedient for people pushed to the wall by the impossibility of summing up the birth in an individual instant to make it correspond with an equally instantaneous Horoscope … the surest was for them to allow a certain vagueness to hang over questions where logical rigour only made for obscurity.

Moreover, since an historical development within early Christian anti-astrological polemic is not clearly discernible I shall proceed by treating the polemic by theme and topic rather than chronologically. Part A: Anti-Astrological Polemic 25 Christian polemicists naturally took up arguments that were already available which derived from the Greco-Roman tradition of anti-fatalist debate, such as: I) The argument of practical impossibility: that it is not possible to exactly determine the horoscope (see below chapter 2) II) The argument of different destinies: that discrepancies occur in the lives of people who have the same horoscope (see below chapter 3) III) The argument of common destinies: that identical fates occur in the lives of people who have different horoscopes (see below chapter 4) IV) The argument of νο' μιμα βαρβαρικα' : that since characteristics, manners and customs of whole peoples and nations are the same, they are not determined by each individual’s horoscope (see below chapter 5).

The Argument of Practical Impossibility One argument against astrology which was widely used by Christian authors was directed at the methodologies that were believed to be involved in the practice of astrology. 2 The several stages of the process that allegedly take place in this situation are then subjected to criticism in the following series of argumentation. 1) The exact moment of the horoscope, whether of conception or birth, cannot be determined since both of these events occur over shorter or longer periods of time rather than at one specific moment.

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