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Dayhoff, National Biomedical Research Foundation, Maryland, 1970, Vol. 5. ‘The Pendulum Years’ by Bernard Levin, Jonathan Cape, London, 1970. B. S. Hartley, ‘British Biochemistry Past and Present’, Biochemical Society Symposium No. 30, ed. T. W. Goodwin, Academic Press, London, 1970, p. 29. 6 A common use of amino-acid sequence information is the search for homology between proteins. 6 A. Amino-acid Analysis (see also Chap. -It has been reported that acid hydrolysis of ribonuclease gives the same results if carried out at 145 "C for 4 h or 110 "C for 26 h.

Kurumi, Chem. and Pharm. Bull. (Japan), 1970, 18, 831. 13' C. Toniolo, Tetrahedron, 1970, 5479. C02- II S (41) unaffected by the presence of a second chiral centre or a further dichroic centre. This method would appear to offer a very facile means of determining the configuration of amino-acids derived from microbial peptides. 128 D. r. r. data of various derivatives including metal complexes. r. spectra of 13C-enrichedamino-acids have been determined. r. r. , references 12, 14, 53, 66). E. -The value of mass spectrometry as a structural tool appears to be increasing and it has been applied to at least two new naturally occurring amino-acids (see reference 10).

W. Parr, C. Yang, J. Pleterski, and E. Bayer, J . , 1970, 50, 510. C. W. Gehrke, H. Nakamoto, and R. Zumwalt, J. , 1969,45, 24. C. W. Gehrke and K. Leimer, J. , 1970, 53, 195. C. W. Gehrke and K. Leimer, J. , 1970, 53, 201. J. F. Klebe, Accounts Chem. , 1970, 3, 299. A. Darbre and A. Islam, J. , 1970, 49, 293. B. Teuwissen and A. Darbre, J. , 1970,49, 298. c. 221 B. 222 A large number of improvements in instrumentation and t e ~ h n i q u e s , ~as~well ~ - ~as~ ~alternative buffer s y ~ t e r n s , ~ ~ for '-~~~ automatic amino-acid analysers have been described.

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