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An obtainable exposition of gravitation conception and celestial mechanics, this vintage quantity used to be written by means of a individual Soviet astronomer. It explains with unheard of readability the tools utilized by physicists in learning celestial phenomena, together with perturbed movement, satellite tv for pc expertise, planetary rotation, and the motions of the celebrities. fifty eight figures. 1959 variation.

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We obtain ao m 0 Ai" = 3652 27"" (384,000)8 1 * X (150,000,OOO)H """ 330,000' In t,he same way, one may compare the masses of the sun and a:qy planet that has satellites, or the masses of two planets with satellites. Newton accordingly determined the masses of Jupiter and Saturn whose satellites were known at that time. It turned out that the Jovian mass is less than that of the sun by a factor of 1,000, while for Saturn this figure is 3,000. These first determinations of the masses of celestial bodies showed that the planetary masses are very small in comparison to that of the sun.

Newton calls mass the measure of the quantity of matter contained within a body. Newton's Third Law states that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. These three laws are fully borne out by practice in terrestrial conditions and constitute the basis for studying the motions of material bodies on earth. Newton applied them to the motions of celestial bodies not doubting for a moment that celestial bodies are subject to the same laws as are terrestrial. Fig. 18 is, schematically, a small part of the path of a planet, P, round the sun, S.

Similarly, one can calculate that two ships, oach with a displacement of 10,000 tons, passing at a distance of 100 metres will be attracted to each other with a force of 60 grams. The foregoing attests to the smallness of the forces of attraction between bodies on earth and to tho reason why in our daily lives we do not perceive the action of these forces. But it would he misleading to think that the law of universal gravitation has no practical application in our earthly doings. The point is that the acceleration of gravity at the earth's surface, due to the force of attraction of the earth, is not everywhere constant.

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