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7: xv Kav. 5, 4 ff. and Tuh. 85a. 6 ff. have similar notes with examples two words b i r 'one' and e w 'person'): Xwar. : O s m . xrvff. ) a w 'hunting' OR. : xrv a v 'wild from all ~ e r i o d s , a p p a k , a p a g s ~ z d a , game, hunting' Qutb 16; Nahc. 1 5 5 , 12-16: 116; K o m . : KIP. a p a ~ s ~ z ~etc. n a ,T T S I I, 32; I1 44; I11 30; xrvaw 'hunting' fd. 25; 'hunting9(al-faydwa'lzv 32. -qan,c) do. Bul. 10, 5; xv sayd a w (also awlak) 2 a p a Conjunction unique in h a ~ i n ga Neg. Tuh.

Tuba, N E dialect, para. 57. SE language, para. 55. early l a n g u a ~ e para. , 20. Tuvan, N E language, para. 57. U I, etc. usp. uyg. -A Uzb. , para. 21 (3) (c). Uigurische SpmchdenkmiiZer, para. Uygur language, para. zr . Uykur A dialect, para. 21. Uzbek, S C language, para. 60. v. verb. (Latin) wide, 'see'. A. von Gabain, Alttiirkische Grammatik, para. 20 (2) (e). (Latin) varia lectio, 'alternative reading'. prefix, vocalization uncertain, para. 18 (6). D. T T M IV TT v. v. G. 1. vu VIII, etc.

In ayla:, tunle:, and perhaps blrle:, and Adjs. S. -klfia:/kiiie: Dim. ; very rare. -m:/-re: forms Loc. g. iqre: 'inside, within'; very rare. -ya:/ye: only in bCrye:, ylrya:, prob. Sec. f. of -ra:/-re:. s; see Kaf. I1 48; very common. t:/-ngi: See -ng. -t~:/-ti: forms Advs. g. eclgii:ti:; very rare; ? also a Dev. Suff. -nti: forms an Ordinal, only in Bkkinti: 'second'; perhaps an earlier form of -nq. -tirti:/-tiirti:, etc. forms Loc. g. i ~ t i r t i :which is practically syn. W. iqre: ; very rare.

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