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The body that was once graceful and lithe became stiff, and her every movement brought great pain. She discussed this during her appearance on Dying to Be Thin: “The ” 55 Anorexia really perverse irony of this is that what has been taken away from me are my legs. And for somebody who had always been very flexible, I’m very stiff. And, it’s only now that I know. It’s only when you’re paying for it. You’re paying for it then, you see, but you don’t know. The cash register hasn’t rung. It’s ringing now.

43 es” anorexia as One environmental factor that though it were a sometimes triggers the onset of anorexia virus, nor can enis bullying and teasing by schoolmates. vironment alone When Charles Johnson was a seventh cause someone to grader at a middle school in Pennsylbe anorexic. vania, he was a little overweight for his age. One day he walked into gym class and everyone started calling him fat and throwing things at him. He was hurt and embarrassed, and ran away, vowing to himself that he would lose weight.

Research has shown that males who have twin sisters have a markedly higher risk for developing anorexia than other males. • Environment and society are contributing factors toward someone’s development of anorexia. • Nearly 50 percent of people with anorexia also meet the criteria for depression. • Young women with type 1 diabetes have a higher incidence of eating disorders than young women in the general population. 48 What Causes Anorexia? The Complex Causes of Anorexia 49 Anorexia The Brain and Distorted Body Image 50 • An August 2005 survey by researchers in the United Kingdom showed that 40 percent of 5- to 7-year-olds wanted to be thinner than they are.

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